easy ways to make extra money uk

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money UK

In the UK, finding easy ways to make extra money has become a popular goal. As living costs rise, people are looking for simple ways to boost their income without too much hassle. There are many options available for those who want to earn a bit more money, and these methods can fit into their daily lives. Whether it’s a part-time gig or something that fits alongside their routine, the idea of making more money easily is appealing.

UK Labour Market Statistics 2023

Below are the key highlights of UK job market stats. You can evaluate the micro and macro economic indicators and their implications on the job seekers.

UK job market stats 2023
  1. Employment: In the period from May to July 2023, about 32.88 million people aged 16 and above had jobs. However, the percentage of people aged 16-64 with jobs decreased from 76% to 72.5% compared to the previous quarter. Employment dropped by 207,000 in the last three months but increased by 135,000 over the past year. Despite this, it’s still 103,000 below the levels before the pandemic in early 2020.
  2. Unemployment: The unemployment rate in the UK was 4.3%, which means about 1.46 million people aged 16 and above were without jobs. Unemployment has risen in both the last quarter and year and is now 89,000 more than it was before the pandemic.
  3. Economic Inactivity: Approximately 8.78 million people aged 16-64 were economically inactive during this period, leading to an inactivity rate of 21.1%. Inactivity levels increased by 63,000 from the previous quarter but decreased by 231,000 over the past year. Nevertheless, they are still 334,000 higher than before the pandemic.
  4. Redundancies: There were 102,000 redundancies, which is an increase of 39,000 compared to the previous year.
  5. Job Vacancies: The number of job vacancies dropped in the last quarter and year, reaching 989,000 in June to August 2023. However, this is still higher by 188,000 compared to the pre-pandemic levels.
  6. Wages: On the wage front, average wages (including bonuses) increased by 0.6% when adjusted for inflation over the three months leading up to July 2023. However, the real annual change in wages (excluding bonuses) was 0.0%. In nominal terms (without adjusting for inflation), wages continued to rise significantly, with a yearly increase of 8.5% including bonuses and 7.8% without bonuses. This represents the highest annual increase in nominal pay without bonuses since records began in 2001.

We have compiled a list of possibilities that empower you to increase your earnings through side jobs, many of which can be pursued from the comfort of your home or within your local community.

Easy ways to make extra money UK

1. Virtual Assistant

easy ways to make extra money uk

In the UK, the typical pay for a virtual assistant is around £29,250 per year or about £15 per hour. Beginners usually earn about £24,960 per year, while those with lots of experience can make up to £52,650 per year.

If you possess adept computer skills, embarking on a journey as a virtual assistant offers a lucrative path to earn extra income. Numerous business owners, freelancers, and busy professionals require assistance, often beyond the scope of a full-time personal assistant. Step in as a virtual assistant, lending a digital hand for tasks ranging from client invoicing to email management and sporadic administrative work. This endeavor suits those who relish setting their own work hours, while the option to operate from the comfort of home adds to its appeal. No extensive experience is required, and opportunities can be found on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, or through self-promotion on local social media channels.

2. Become a Companion

Make a difference in your local community by providing assistance and companionship to those in need, from elderly relatives to busy families. Tasks can range from pharmacy trips to household chores, shopping, and even offering companionship to senior citizens. Register for free through the Companiions mobile app and start earning up to £25 per hour. This versatile role lets you determine your work hours, whether you’re seeking full-time, part-time, or side hustle opportunities.

3. Pet Sitting

With a substantial increase in pet ownership post-Covid-19, pet sitting emerges as an excellent avenue for supplemental income. As individuals return to offices and travel resumes, there’s a burgeoning demand for pet care. Embrace the role of a pet sitter and enjoy both financial gain and a rewarding experience. Join platforms like Cat In A Flat or Trusted Housesitters, or promote your services locally to tap into this vibrant market.

To figure out how much you can make as a pet sitter, check what others are charging in your area. Here’s a rough idea of what you can earn:

  • Pet sitting while owners are away or at work: £10 – £15 per hour
  • Dog walking: £10 per walk (extra for multiple dogs)
  • Dog sitting at your place for a few hours: Starts at £15
  • Pet sitting overnight at the owner’s house: Starts at £25

These are just approximate numbers and can vary based on where you live and the type of pets you’re caring for. If you offer extra services like garden care or sending updates to pet owners, you might be able to charge more and build a regular clientele. Remember, making pets feel comfortable and happy is essential for success in this job.

4. Freelance Services

easy ways to make extra money uk

Are you skilled in logo design, content creation, CV writing, or website design? The freelance market beckons, with countless individuals seeking expertise across various domains. Utilize your specialization to offer valuable services and increase your income. Freelancing empowers you to set your own rates based on your experience. Begin by showcasing your talents on platforms like Upwork, and remember, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, and LinkedIn connections can be a powerful asset in building your client base. There are various websites that provide exciting freelancing opportunities in UK. You can explore such platforms to start making money immediately.

5. Delivery Driver

how to make $100 a day with uber eats (6)

If you own a car and enjoy driving, becoming a delivery driver presents a lucrative opportunity. Companies like DPD, Deliveroo, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s are witnessing a surge in online orders, necessitating more delivery drivers. With just a car, driving license, and smartphone, you can apply for part-time roles with local supermarkets or opt for flexible arrangements like Amazon Flex, allowing you to adjust your work hours according to your schedule. Learn how to make 100 a day with Uber eats.

6. Social Media Management

easy ways to make extra money uk

In a digital age, social media management has become an indispensable part of business operations. Many companies lack the time to manage their social media profiles effectively, creating a demand for skilled individuals. If you’re well-versed in the social media realm, consider offering your expertise. Services could range from responding to messages and posting Instagram stories to scheduling content. Promote your services online or within your network to connect with potential clients seeking a helping hand in their digital presence.

7. Transcription services

If you’re a swift typist with spare hours, transcription could be your avenue to earning extra income. Many companies, from medical practices to law firms, require individuals who can quickly and accurately transcribe audio recordings of meetings and conferences. Seek transcription jobs online or explore platforms like Happy Scribe, where you can take an assessment test and commence earning.

8. Local event work

Regardless of whether you reside in a bustling city or a quaint town, local events are a constant feature. Markets, festivals, and gatherings require a considerable workforce to ensure smooth operations, from ticket checking to assisting with event cleanup. Explore opportunities on your local council’s website, notice boards, social media groups, and event-related websites to engage in short-term event work.

9. Earn extra money in UK by watching YouTube videos

Unlock easy extra income in the UK by indulging in a rewarding pastime—watching videos on YouTube. Certain companies, websites, and apps extend cash rewards to viewers who engage with YouTube content and complete specific tasks. Some platforms even present lucrative video-watching job opportunities with higher remuneration.

Although generating a full-time income solely from YouTube video consumption is unlikely, it offers an entertaining way to boost your finances during leisure hours. My comprehensive compilation encompasses prime sites, apps, and employment options dedicated to earning extra income through YouTube engagement.

10. Side hustle apps for added earnings

Embrace the wealth of side hustle apps that empower you to effortlessly earn supplementary income online. These user-friendly apps provide compensation for enjoyable and straightforward tasks such as music listening, video viewing, and online shopping. Remarkably, some platforms even reward you for sharing your unused internet data—an endeavor as simple as installing and allowing the app to run in the background.

11. Income from email marketing

Email marketing is more than a strategy; it’s a pathway to establishing a secondary income source that operates on autopilot. This side venture presents a consistent and sustainable daily income stream within the UK.

For those with an extensive email list, automating emails to subscribers can translate into earnings. To succeed in automated email marketing, crafting top-tier content that engages subscribers and compels action is vital. Furthermore, the selection of relevant products or services for promotion plays a pivotal role.

12. Earn extra money in UK by offering expertise online

Unlock an additional income stream in the UK by lending your expertise to answer questions on various online platforms. Specialized question-and-answer websites connect users seeking solutions with experts proficient in diverse domains, who provide answers for a fee. Initiating this venture involves signing up as an expert, detailing your qualifications and areas of specialization. Upon approval, you can commence answering queries, reaping monetary rewards for your time and knowledge.

13. Opportunity in service flipping

The innovative concept of service flipping involves procuring a service at a modest cost and reselling it at a higher price, pocketing the difference as profit. A prime illustration entails acquiring a domain name, creating a rudimentary website, and then selling the package at a premium. This model extends to services like graphic design, writing, and editing. Utilize platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to locate reasonably priced services, and subsequently market them at elevated rates on your personal website or social media platforms.

14. Monetize your photography skills

easy ways to make extra money uk

If photography stirs your passion, translating your snapshots into monetary gain is a viable option. Selling your photos online through various websites and apps presents an avenue for extra income, facilitated right from your phone. By uploading your photos, you accrue commissions with each download. Elevate your earnings by ensuring the quality and distinctiveness of your photos. Additionally, specializing in specific genres like food, nature, or lifestyle photography can attract a targeted audience and amplify your appeal.

Final thoughts

Discovering easy ways to make extra money in the UK doesn’t have to be complicated. From online opportunities to real-world options, there are accessible paths to boost income. As we wrap up, remember that increasing earnings can be straightforward—just choose the methods that suit you best. With these uncomplicated approaches, people in the UK can confidently step forward towards financial growth, one simple step at a time.

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